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RS gold Farming Killing warped bats, collecting batwings

October 31, 2013 editor 0

Collecting batwing is an effective way to make more RS gold due to its uses in crafting. Time to collect lots of batwings and make RS gold The warped bats are type of bats different from the others, a warped version of bats. Killing the bat will drop batwings can be used to create various armours and weapons such as Batwing Robe, Batwing Shields, Bat book and Bat wand. When the batwings used, it grants […]

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RS gold making with More powerful armour released

October 24, 2013 editor 0

An alien like armour has been introduced by Jagex this week. It is called “Sirenic Armour”. This armor is a level 90 high level armor which is made from sirenic scales which are drops from monsters in the Monastery of Ascension. When wearing this armour, this will boost the Ranging skill and the Defense stats of players. This will increase the projectile abilities. The materials used here can be a good source for RS gold […]

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[News] Get ready for the Halloween themed quest for RS gold

October 17, 2013 editor 0

Players of Runescape, Halloween is now around the corner but Jagex released a new quest that you will experience a Halloween feeling to it. Missing, Presumed Death is the name of the new quest released by Jagex. You will get to see new places to explore, new riddles and puzzles to solve, and get a chance to battle the new walking dead monsters, gods, and mortals. The story of this quest is one of the […]

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RS gold Farming by collecting more Ashes from burnout logs

October 10, 2013 editor 0

A simple and easy way to make more RS gold just by collecting ashes from burnout logs. More Ashes equals more RS gold Collecting ashes are great way to make more RS gold especially for new players. Ashes will appear when the fire runs out from the logs which the ashes will remain. These ashes are used in Herblore in order to make Serum 207 potions.   It is recommended to use Willow logs due […]

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RS gold Farmers news for the New Bonds Feature

October 3, 2013 editor 0

What is Bonds in RS Gold Farmers? The Bonds are in-game items which were released by Jagex just a week ago. This will allow players to redeem a account related benefits such as becoming MEMBER, addition spin in Squeal of Fortune, and a couple of RuneCoin. You can also buy items in Jagex Merchandise Store which and able to buy tickets for RuneFest. It is also a tradable item which you either gift them to […]