Build and Host Your Own Fridge Game with Habbo Credits

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Habbo Hotel isn’t exactly played only for the social features, but also because there are a ton of mini-games within the game. Games are hosted by players who invest Habbo credits on a room for fellow players, who in turn may get rewards from winning these games. One of the oldest and most popular games in Habbo Hotel is the Fridge Game. How exactly does this absurdly-named game work? Well, for starters, the host lets a number of people in the queue area of the Fridge Game room. Then, they are let into the playing area where they sit on one of the seats, and take turns to go to a fridge to obtain a random hand item from it one by one. Find out more below.

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The Rules for Habbo Credits Enthusiasts

Depending on which item the Habbo gets from the fridge, something happens to them. This all depends on the host, but here is a list of the commonly used rules if you’re planning to build your own Fridge Game for the first time:

carrot habbo credits

  • CARROT – Player loses and is asked to leave. If the player doesn’t leave, kick them!
  • CAN OF DRINK – Player is safe and moves to the next round.
  • ICE CREAM – Player is allowed to pick another player to kick from the game, regardless of what they got from the fridge last time.

Again, this may change depending on who is hosting the Fridge Game, so make sure all the Habbos that are playing in your game knows your rules to prevent any complications! Every Habbo takes turns to go to the Pura Refrigerator and take out a random item, and they are kicked until there is just one Habbo left. The last Habbo standing is the winner and gets the rewards! Rewards can either be furni or Habbo credits.

One important note: You are not allowed to charge Habbos to participate in your Fridge Game – if you do, it could get you trade locked, so play generously and play fair at all times!

Building the Fridge Game Room with Habbo Credits

The room can be laid out how you want it to be. There’s no mandatory blueprint to follow. Just make sure you have at least three, but preferably four, defined areas:

  • QUEUE AREA – Yellow.
  • PLAYING AREA – For the seats.
  • FRIDGE AREA – Red.
  • VIP AREA – Green (optional).

habbo credits fridge x2

You’ll need around 10 chairs for 10 players, though you can choose how many Habbos play in your Fridge Game. Just remember that having too many players will make it much harder to host. Second, you’ll need a Pura Refrigerator, which you can rent for 90 duckets if you don’t want to buy one with Habbo coins. Lastly, you’ll need a queue area separated by dividers with access points shut off by gates. The VIP area is purely optional – just in case you want to invite your friends to watch and host the game with you!

How to Host a Fridge Game for Habbo Credits Enthusiasts

In most cases, the Fridge Game is hosted without the use of wired furni, which means that you need to pay close attention to how many people are in your room, which seat they are sitting in, whose turn it is, and such. We have the step by step how-to below:habbo credits pura fridge

  • Make sure you are in either the playing area or in the VIP area. Ensure that the gate is closed.
  • Once Habbos start to come in and queue, they will enter where the red rectangle is, waiting for the game to start.
  • Once you want to start letting them in to sit down, you can open the gate in the yellow queue area. Once you have filled up all the seats, you need to close the gate in the yellow queue area to stop more Habbos coming in.
  • All Habbos must be sitting in their seats. Once they are settled, you must tell each player to go up to the red fridge area and double click on the fridge to take an item out. Watch closely each time to make sure that they don’t take two items instead of one.
  • Depending on what they get, you are responsible for taking action against them. So, if they get a carrot, you need to kick them from the room. If they get a can of drink, they need to go back to the same seat they were in before, and you can carry on with the round. If they get an ice cream, you need to ask them who they want to kick from the game!
  • Repeat this process until you have the winner! The reward/s you want to give the winners are all up to you.

Have fun playing!