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Highlights: May Patch Notes for Neverwinter gold

May 5, 2016 admin 0

The Siege of Neverwinter will return in just one week! Angered by the constant setbacks suffered at the hands of Neverwinter’s adventurers, the Cult of the Dragon has coordinated another assault on the city. With this renewed siege come a few updates for Neverwinter Gold hunters. Events for Hunters of Neverwinter Gold A daily repeatable quest has been added for players with Strongholds. A one-time quest has been added from the Stronghold to the Siege […]

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Habbo Credits: Bad Time, Bad Update

April 5, 2016 admin 0

Folks thought it was an April Fools prank, but it turned out to be far more real than anyone could ever expect. With a whopping grand total of 50 Habbo credits and 50 Diamonds, the price of membership for Habbo Club has become more expensive just for a single month. Yes, you heard that right – only 1 month’s worth. At the moment, the page on which this is located in is still not updated, […]

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Habbo Credits Hunters’ News Digest – August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015 admin 0

We are back with another news digest for those who love Habbo Credits. This week we will look at the ongoing Gnome Invasion. Habbo Hotel players also get a new bundle to fulfill their anime highschool fantasies. Lastly, the winners of the recently held Habbo 15th Birthday Room Competition has been announced. Habbo Credits hunters fight gnomes Habbo Hotel players are making progress in their fight against the Gnome Invasion. While the Gnome factory in […]

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Habbo Credits Hunter’s News Digest – Rare Cometition and Gnomes

August 5, 2015 admin 0

Another week has passed and we are back with this week’s upcoming events and news for Habbo Credits hunters. This week, players can participate in the 15th Birthday Rare Competition. Habbos also continue the fight against the Gnome Invasion. Lastly, players can get their Steampunk fix from the Steampunk Bunk Bundle available from the store. Rare competition for Habbo Credits hunters Rare furni is something all Habbo Credits hunter wants to have more of. Unfortunately, […]

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Update for Rift platinum Farmers about Rift 3.2: Echoes of Madness

June 30, 2015 admin 0

Be astounded by rift 3.2: echoes of madness update. This update features content about new raid that can be populated by 20 players, new stylistic wardrobe for old and new players, the tier 6 nightmare rifts, nightmare tide fishing and more exciting game features! This article will discuss the main points of the updates mentioned above. So sit back and relax! Update for Rift Platinum Farmers: 20-Player Raid According to the rift’s community, raids in […]

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Guild Cap Adjustment and More for Neverwinter astral diamonds Farmers!

June 18, 2015 admin 0

These new updates stabilized the community of neverwinter in PC and Xbox One. Updates that made the game more interesting and the community’s transition to the new platform of guild competition through the guild cap adjustment. The patch notes feature the classes and balance, which made the PvP mechanics even more enticing than before. And changes in the items and economy that will probably twist or may keep things interesting in the merchant’s world, it […]

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Habbo Credits Hunter’s Weekly News: Bunker Rooms, Medals and More

May 13, 2015 admin 0

Another week another news digest for Habbo Credits hunters. This week Habbos can join a competition to create the best underground bunker room. The winners of the previous BC Blocks Medal of Honour contest has also been announced. Lastly, its Mental Health Awareness week and Habbo staff will reward those who seek to help others. Bunker Room contest for Habbo Credits hunters Habbo players can join a new competition in order to win a Special […]

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Habbo Credits Collector’s News Digest – May Day Competition and More

May 6, 2015 admin 0

We’re back with the hottest news for Habbos. This week Habbo Hotel players get a chance to win special prizes thanks to the May Day Competition. Habbos can also go through a new megamaze brought to players by Puhekupla and HabboShire for National Teachers day. May Day Competition for hunters of Habbo Credits Spring is here and those looking for Habbo Credits can celebrate it and get a chance to win some cool prizes. To […]

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Habbo Credits Collectors Weekly News Digest – Alien Bundle and Doubles

April 15, 2015 admin 0

We’re back with this week’s hottest news for players and hunters of Habbo Credits! This week, Habbos enjoy the continued double credits promo as well as a Doppelganger Bash event. The new Club Alien Bundle has been made available to players. Players can also get featured on the Navigator if they join the Bake Sale competition. Double the Fun for more Habbo Credits While players can get more Habbo Credits from the shop, the fun […]

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Double Habbo Credits, Bonbon Bundle and Candy Couture Now Available

April 1, 2015 admin 0

It’s time for your weekly update for all things Habbo Hotel. This week Habbos can save on Habbo Credits with the Santini Bonbon Bundle. Candy Couture also comes to Habbo for fashionistas who like sweets. Finally, there’s the double credits promotion running. Our guide will cover the specifics of these promotions so be sure to read it before you head to the shop! Twice the Habbo Credits for your cash With the new Santini Bonbon […]

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