Changes Made for Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

While you may be tempted to think this is a ruse because of the day, the following information that you are going to read in this post is 100% legit. If you want some fun April fool’s fun, feel free to follow us on Twitter to interact with the lovable, squeakable Boo.

power changes for hunters of neverwinter astral diamonds

These changes follow in-line with what Rob Overmeyer, executive producer for Neverwinter, mentioned in his state of the game last month. Outside of the dev team’s class review cycles, the team has identified several areas that needed reworking in order to be more in-line with the design of the game.

Game Changes for Game Improvements

These changes also need to have time to soak with the community and ensure that they are hitting the areas of improvement that the team has outlined before we make them live on both PC and Xbox One. The changes coming today will not be the full class review that Rob mentioned in his state of the game note. Those changes will be coming at a later date.

As mentioned before, we will have a full forum post introducing the changes and patch notes giving specific changes coming to PTS later this afternoon. We would absolutely appreciate any Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds wanting to help us test out the power changes on our PC test server. For those wanting to learn more about preview, our Neverwinter preview forums holds all the updates for patch notes and feedback threads.

More for Players Hunting for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

In addition to the changes coming to powers, the team will also be introducing an overhaul to the leveling process from 60-70, replacing vigilance quests with directed story content along with a new campaign for Elemental Evil. As with the powers changes we will have a forum post introducing the changes and patch notes, but for now we can say that this campaign content will make the leveling process from 60 – 70 much easier for newer players looking to reach max level in Neverwinter.

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