[Guide] You and the Toads; Collecting Swamp Toads for RS gold

Swamp Toads have various uses such as ingredient for summoning pouch or for creating agility potions. By collecting a lot of Swamp toads, you can get RS gold sell

Source: cylvus

Collect more Swamp Toads for more RS gold

Swamp toads are usually in high demands which results of making more RS gold. These creature’s legs can be removed and it is edible such as when consumed, you will regain 200 health points. They can be found at the swamp of Tree Gnome Stronghold.


Before we begin collecting Swamp Toads, have some weight reducing equipment as well as enough RS gold to buy energy potions (at least 5). Once you are prepared enough, start by going to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Use can also use the Spirit Tree which is located on the northeast of the Grand Exchange to be able to teleport to the Gnome Tree village (from there you can teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold).


Once you are arrived, equip the weight reducing equipment and summon the beast of burden (if you have one) and head to the swamp. Collect as much as Swamp Toads as you can until your inventory is full. Once done, head to the Grand Exchange and start selling them for RS gold.


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