Companion Sale for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunting

Every Neverwinter Astral Diamonds adventurer knows that companions are valuable and crucial assets. From healing to soaking up damage to dealing damage in combat, there are companions available for every role. If you’ve been wishing for a Crab, Kenku Archer, or other companions to add more to your collection, you’re in luck!

companion sale for neverwinter astral diamonds hunting

Starting now until Monday, August 24 2015, all companions will be 20% off in the Zen Market. Remember, you can simply press “Y” in-game to bring up the Zen Market and see all of the companions.

Getting Neverwinter Astral Diamond with your companion

Neverwinter players get a new companion from Sword Coast Adventures. The Lightfoot Thief is the companion that will help Neverwinter account holders to get more Neverwinter gold and Neverwinter Astral Diamond. Companions are Non playable characters (NPC) but they can act as players which can help you along with your adventure.

Available through Sword Coast Adventures, this blue quality companion has a max rank of 25. Neverwinter gold hunters can pick one of three different skins for it. This companion also has two offensive slots, while having one defensive slot for Rune stones.

As a companion while hunting Neverwinter gold, the Lightfoot Thief has three powers and an active bonus. With Sky Flourish, it can deal four strikes on an enemy. Sky Brutality, unlocked at max rank, will cause the fourth attack to cause targets to bleed. The thief’s Deft Strike will cause it to go behind a target and strike for high damage. Finally, its active bonus causes critical to bleed.

Getting the companion would be a great help especially on things you are not familiar. They will help you a lot on missions and collecting or farming the things you need on the game such as gold and items.

Alternative Way to Get Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

Checking this marketplace can give you opportunities to get great deals in purchasing or selling Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. There are players here where they look or offer Diamonds for players who need the money. You can also trade items here which are a great opportunity for the companion sale.

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