Crafting Danube Class Ships for Hunting STO Credits

The Federation Danube Class Runabout is a special Tier 1 general Runabout class for Federation characters. The Runabout can be purchased from the shuttle vendor Byarnez at Earth Spacedock. The Danube has one Ensign Bridge officer slot that can be filled with a bridge officer of any profession. A non-combat pet [Danube Runabout] was made available from testing Season 3 on Tribble. Customization is limited: only material and color pattern can be chosen. The “roll bar” on the top of the craft cannot be removed. You are also allowed to give your runabout a name which is a good way to catchy name for hunting STO Credits.

danube ship classes for hunting sto credits

Best Performance for STO Credits

The Danube Class Runabout has excellent maneuverability; however its low shield modifier and hull strength, plus its single Bridge Officer station mean it fares poorly against full-size starships. It can mount most regular starship weapons, though the Runabout includes a Photon Torpedo launcher and special 360-degree Phaser Array that scale in damage with the player’s level. The Danube’s Mk I-S 360 degree beam array can only be mounted on small craft.

Facing other small craft, the Danube is slower but tougher than a fighter, and its built-in Tractor Beam can hamper enemy maneuvering. As many fighters can mount dual cannons, the Danube’s damage-per-second will be lower, so it is better suited to a support or tanking role in a team situation. Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship’s minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

Profits thru STO Credits

In case that you don’t have much time grinding for STO credits as well as farming for star ship materials or starship upgrades, you can check out the market platform of some marketplaces. You can also sell your credits if you have great income, earn profits using your STO credits and sell it to other players. Having good profits in credits will give you chance to purchase in-game premium items


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