Creepy Crawlers for EverQuest Platinum

Never thought that freaky eight legged freaks in EverQuest Online can give you EverQuest Platinum. The estimated earning of platinum is from 250 to 800 platinum. Check out more of this creature and start earning platinum.

everquest platinum hunting

Cripple for EverQuest Platinum

These spiders are located at Goru’kar Mesa. Spider Silk much like Spiderling silk is another great item for you to farm for platinum at the lower level rank. It can be sold generally for the same amount as spider ling silk. The main difference is that spiders are higher level that spider lings that means you will need to be higher level to farm on them. Best thing is you can get EXPI and platinum at the same time. They drop items that sell to the vendor for a lot. The two items that vendor for a lot from the spiders are the Pearlescent Spider Fang and Intricately Patterned Spider Carapace.

Right Price for EverQuest Platinum

The items you can get on these monsters can give you the right amount of platinum you need. It is very worth it if you do these within your level range. Platinum and EXPI would be given to you the same time since the level of your character is the same as the monster you are taking down.


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