Dawnshroud Peaks for Hunting EverQuest Platinum

Farming Rock hopper hides in Marus Seru or Dawnshroud Peaks will net you less money than farming for Bear or Wolf Pelts in Goru’kar Mesa as well as less XP. Check out more of the monsters in Marus Seru or Dawnshroud Peaks for EverQuest Platinum.

shrouds for everquest platinum

Hunting EverQuest Platinum in Rock Hoppers

This is the best place to farm EverQuest Platinum is at Marus Seru or Dawnshroud. ┬áThe Goru’kar Mesa there is no “ultra awesome vendor trash” from the Rock Hoppers. All the stuff they drop the hides is pretty generic and won’t net you a lot of money at a vendor. You can hunt rock hoppers to earn hides and sell them for better rewards of platinum. The rock hopper has a leader, you can also hunt for the Ancient Rock Hopper or an old aged Rock Hopper. Both have been said to trigger the Sambata Spawn.

The Sambata leader is named Sambata Tribal Leader Garn. When hi is killed the Rock hoppers will take over the cave. It is very important that you do not kill the Rock hopper leader; if you do the camp will be destroyed.

The easiest way to get to this camp in Dawnshroud Peaks is by taking The Nexus stone from PoK. From The Nexus you will want to head to Netherbian Lair. Now, Netherbian Lair will take you to either Dawnshroud or Marus Seru, which is the cool part about this zone. To get to Dawnshroud you will want to go straight south.

EverQuest Platinum Earning and Leveling

If you want to level up your character and earn platinum at the same time there are spots which are the right place for you. You can gain enough experience points for your character in several areas. This will help you gain level and leveling up means growing strong if your character. This spot might give you the satisfaction of great amounts of experience points and platinum.

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