Earning EC Points for Purchasing STO Credits

There are ways to produce STO credits for your character in Star Trek online. But first you need to produce these points; Energy credits or EC, Dilithium for Zen, Fleet marks implicitly for Fleet credits and reputation marks. Read more of this guide for earning these points and exchange them for credits.

sto credits in energy credits

Energy Credits for STO Credits

To make EC, first make sure your character is at level 50, and then go to a farming Foundry mission and start making EC. A farming mission is a mission where dozens of ships spawn in a raw and you kill them for the items dropped. A great farming mission will give you at least 500k EC in items. It is also a good farming mission will spawn ships with no shields, so they will be killed easily. It will help you make a decent amount of EC so you can survive your needs.

One of the things you can purchase with EC is the Fleet credits. These credits can purchase the things you can use for your star ships and with these parts you can improve the capability and ability of your ship. Below is one of the ships you can use and improve with the use of fleet credits.

One of the newly added Cruiser ships is the D’ridthau War bird battle Cruiser. It is a variation of the mighty D’deridex class equipped with a molecular phase. This console is the inverter that can be activated to shift your ship out of phase for a limited time. This ship can be unlocked at Tier 4.

The featured ship is one of the few star ships on the Legacy Pack. These ships will be in your hands once you purchase your own Legacy Pack. Own these ships and battle in the space for supremacy. Show what your faction ships can do to dominate the outer space and become victorious.


STO Credits Purchasing

In case that you don’t have much time grinding for credits, you can purchase STO credits at PlayerAuctions.com. You can also sell your credits if you have great income, earn profits using your STO credits and sell it to other players. Having good profits in credits will give you chance to purchase in-game premium items.