EverQuest Platinum: Lore of the Misty Thicket

The Misty Thicket is a small forest neighboring the dungeon of Runnyeye Citadel and the Halfling city of Rivervale. It is safe for hunting and is a great source of food for the Halflings who live nearby. Yet there are few smaller bands of somewhat aggressive humanoids that live in the forest and often pose minor problems for the people of Rivervale.

misty thicket in everquest Platinum

EverQuest Platinum: Story behind the Mist

In EverQuest Platinum, the Lore of the Misty Thicket begins in here; the forest itself is split into two sections by a large stone wall known as the Wall of Serillis. It is formerly known as the Great Wall of Cetelt. These walls serves as a barrier to protect the citizens of Rivervale from Clan Runnyeye who lives nearby bastion.

Cetelt is named after the famed human adventurer who had retired to live in the erea of Misty Thicket. He set his followers to build the great wall to protect them. Rumors said he had them do it out of his great concern for the Halfling people.

Stories of the Lore in EverQuest Platinum

The goblin citadel can be found on the other side of the wall call the “bad side” the Halflings named it that way. However it seems that they think about Cetelt devised the project as a “make-work” opportunity for his followers who continues to follow him in his lifetime.