Gaining Level and EverQuest Platinum in Toskirakk Zone

Toskirakk is one of the hardest zones off of The Void, home to mobs that hit on average for 2.5k or more. If you have reached this part of this leveling guide and you do not have at least 1.7k you are going to get your butt whooped here. Of course you can probably still handle this zone with 800 AAs and some really good gear, but you will be spending so much time medding it isn’t even going to be funny.

toshirakk area for leveling up and everquest platinum

Saving your AA’s for more EverQuest Platinum

There might be one saving grace if you are short on AAs, EverQuest Platinum and still want to hunt here; this saving grace is the hulking war boars. These are relatively weak mobs which mean they are pretty much level 85s with level 60 equipment and AAs. They have significantly less HP, armor and deal about a quarter of the damage that all other mobs do for their level. You will be able to kill these mobs with a small amount of AAs maybe 500 could do these with no problem however if you get a Rallosian add on you, you’re going to die quick.

ExP Guide in Monster Mobs for EverQuest Platinum

If you have been following the leveling guide this entire time than relatively weak mobs won’t be anything new to you, you should remember them quite well from Field of Scale. Anyway, above is a map of exactly where you will want to make camp at in Toskirakk. A warning to everyone coming here thinking it is going to be vacant. Since these are finally getting into higher level content these zones aren’t going to be deserted.

If you want to level up your character and earn platinum at the same time there are spots which are the right place for you. You can gain enough experience points for your character in several areas. This will help you gain level and leveling up means growing strong if your character. This spot might give you the satisfaction of great amounts of experience points and platinum.