Gather STO Credits and Rewards from Undine Infiltration Queued Event

The Undines in Star Trek Online are infiltrating Bajor. Using their advanced technology they disguise themselves and it is up to the players to weed them out. Successful captains will earn STO Credits, Undine Marks, and Isomorphic Injections.

Gather STO Credits and Rewards from Undine Infiltration

Investigate Bajorans for STO Credits and Marks

Players participating the Undine Infiltration queued event are tasked with quarantining suspected Undine infiltrators. This can be done through questioning the suspects. Players will then need to head underground to clear an Undine base. Both tasks aware points which will be tallied at the end of the mission. STO Credits, Undine Marks and Isomorphic Injections for elite runs will be given based on points acquired.

Elite Ground set for your STO Credits hunter

Undine Marks and Isomorphic Injections won in the event can be used to increase your Captain’s reputation with 8472 Counter Command. They can also be used to buy items like the Elite Ground Set comprised of Counter-Command Exo-Armor Mk XII, Counter-Command Personal Shield Mk XII and Bio-Molecular Phaser Projector Beam Rifle Mk XII. Note that bonus effects are conferred to your STO Credits hunter if the whole set is equipped.


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