STO Credits Reward that Can’t Buy from the Tal Shiar Lock Box this Weekend

The Tal Shiar Lock Box returns to Star Trek Online! Get a chance to win special items you cannot get with STO Credits from this special box.

Get Rewards STO Credits Can’t Buy

Items and ships for STO Credits

Players opening the Tal Shiar Lock Box have a chance to obtained one of several items or ships. Among these is the Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser. Also available for STO Credits hunters is the Mirror Universe Vor’cha Battle Cruiser and Ha’apax Advanced Warbird.

Getting boxes along with STO Credits

During the New Romulus Weekend, May 22 to May 27, players can get a chance to receive a Tal Shiar Lock Box. This box can be obtained during missions that award STO Credits and Romulan Marks. Note however that the box still needs a Master Key to open. These can be bought in the C-Store in singles or packs of 10.