[GUIDE]Habbo Furni Collector’s Guide to Different Currencies

Much like other online games Habbo has its share of different currencies. Some have been phased out, while some come back for special promotions and seasons. In today’s article we’ll go over these currencies, how they can be obtained and which ones are still used. Get your pockets ready!


Getting Habbo Furni with coins

Coins, also known as Credits, is the default currency used in Habbo. This currency can be bought using various payment systems including but not limited to credit cards, and SMS. It can also be acquired through events and special community competitions. Aside from buying Habbo Furni, coins can be used to pay for membership for Habbo Club. Note that coins are normally not tradable directly. Habbos however can convert it into an item that can then be traded with other players. The conversion process however costs one coin.

Old currencies to get Habbo Furni with

Credits are not the only means of paying for furniture in Habbo. Over the years, many other secondary currencies have been implemented to help players get furniture. Most of these specialized currencies however are limited to events and can only be used to buy specific seasonal or event related items.

Hearts were a currency introduced for Valentine’s Day for 2011 and 2012. These were awarded upon completing Valentines quests and were used for getting themed furni. Similarly, Horseshoes were given only during March 2012 through quests. They were used to obtain Horse-themed items.

Shells were another special currency made specifically for summer. They were used to get ”Big Wave” furniture and were often obtained through quests. Likewise, Stars were the means of payment for “The Footstep of the Ancients” furniture line. Again, they were obtained through quests.

Habbo Furni using secondary currency

The current secondary currency is Duckets. The latter is earned every time you log in and was designed as a replacement for Pixels. Unlike Pixels however, players can only have set amount of Duckets at a given time. Habbos can also use Duckets only for a limited set of items.

Another currency still in use is Snowflakes. This currency was first introduced in 2010 and was used to purchase Snowflake Gifts. It has been re-released in 2013 however and can be earned by completing quests.

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