Guides for Level 100 Characters to Earn EverQuest Platinum

In playing MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) the loot you are getting is getting smaller as you level up your character class. But the rarity of these items is very rare and valuable. You may require yourself to grind too much to gain items and EverQuest Platinum in order to gain profits for your character needs.

These tips might help you earn platinum and items for your character and you might gain profits and earn for yourself after your hard work in grinding.

everquest platinum in mapping

Mapping for EverQuest Platinum

The Zone for farming collectibles this guide will help you to post maps of ‘hot spots’ in each zone for collectibles. This will color code each map and put a massive amount of detail and effort into them to make sure they are the best, most reliable information you can find on gathering Collectibles. There is also another reason I am not doing written guides for this part. The other reason is because Collectibles are always changing spawn locations and I can’t give you a reliable route to take not knowing where they will be.

However, this guide show you each area that usually has quite a few and let you run around there picking up whatever it is you find. It is strongly recommend you farm Collectibles during off hours and to always check the zone for other people before you start farming here for Collectibles. The reason for this is during off hours the chances of anyone farming Collectibles here too is very low. And if you always check the zone it will be easy to see if anyone is farming Collectibles. If there are others here and you know they are farming Collectibles switch zones. There aren’t enough Collectibles to split amongst multiple people.

EverQuest Platinum Earning and Leveling

If you want to level up your character and earn platinum at the same time there are spots which are the right place for you. You can gain enough experience points for your character in several areas. This will help you gain level and leveling up means growing strong if your character. This spot might give you the satisfaction of great amounts of experience points and platinum.

If you feel that you have enough platinum in your stash, you can sell your platinum at PlayerAuctions where you can earn profits as you sell your EverQuest Platinum to players who need the in-game goods. Browse the PlayerAuctions market place and deal with other players now.