Habbo Credits And How to Avoid Scams

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Habbo has a large, active, and vibrant community of millions players spanning the entire globe. But, of course, with a community that large, it’s hard to avoid the bunch of numbnuts that may inhabit the hotel’s virtual halls. Only a very small percentage of those millions are straight up douchebags, but they’re plentiful enough that you have to safeguard the Habbo credits, Habbo coins, and Habbo furni you may have amassed during your stay in Habbo.

habbo credits, buy habbo credits, cheap habbo credits, avoid scams 2

Below are just a few tips on how to ensure your account’s safety:

Habbo Credits: Keep Your Information Private

This sort of deception can take many forms — the most direct are schemes that aim to steal your login information so that the scammer can take your coins and items. There is no reason at all to give out the information of your account. Below are a few common examples of this tactic:

  • Phishing Scams – the modus operandi of phishing is to trick players with “official” emails or private messages in-game, claiming them to be official responses or announcements from Habbo itself. Without a doubt, any person or email asking for your account details is a scammer because no one in the Habbo staff will ever ask you for this. They don’t need to and why would they want to? It would also be helpful to check the email address of the questionable message or ask about the person messaging you about it. Regardless, there is never any reason to give out your info.
  • Password blocking scams – You know how in Facebook that there’s always this numbnut who posts “If you type your social security number in the field below, Facebook will automatically censor it! See? *********” Umm, yeah, right. Who the hell is he fooling? If you think you’d fall for something like that, well, don’t; this is complete horsecrap. There’s no such thing nor will there ever be some feature in a game that instantly blocks out your password from the game’s chat. The moment you give out your password over on chat due to some guy spamming something about this sort of scam, well, you are screwed.

Habbo Credits: The Risks of Gambling

Gambling is bad, ok? Starting August of 2014, most casino-like activities in Habbo have been banned due to the unfair advantage some people had when owning said casino rooms. Any form of gambling that awarded Habbo furni upon winning are all banned and there is a hard limit of three dice games per room.

But even with these rules, some folks only felt more of a need to throw away their money via RNG. Improvised games of chance still exist and are even MORE unfair than they were before the ban. Don’t risk it, buddy; stick to your guns and move on.

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