Habbo Credits and How To Earn Them For Free Part 2

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Just the continuation of our earlier guide on how to earn Habbo Credits for free.

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Habbo Credits: Host games

There are multiple ways to earn Habbo coins and, most of the time, both sides of the spectrum need to make use of Habbo credits and Habbo coins. While some games are free to play, such as those created by the developer as events, some require the use of Habbo coins or Habbo Credits. There are normally 3 methods of charging players to participate in their games and rooms, and wildly vary depending on the quality and popularity of the activity. The point here is that the host has to be able put up the fairest and most profitable pricing option to make a profit. Habbo Coins, Habbo Credits, or Habbo Furni, the host can decide what is needed to be paid. The three common pricing types are as follows:

  • P2P (Pay to play): A spectator must pay to join a game that’s in progress.
  • P2S (Pay to stay): A player who has lost the game can pay to keep playing.
  • Rev (Revenge): A player pays to make another player of their choice lose.

Habbo Credits: Buy and Sell Furni

The most profitable, but most difficult, method of earning Habbo credits and Habbo coins is by buying and selling Furni. This, however, requires an intimate knowledge on the game’s economic tendencies as well as an understanding of its history. This is the limelight of Habbo; Furni trading can be an insane activity and is the focus of many Habbo users.

The easiest method to earn a lot of Habbo credits quickly through Furni selling is if you are able to acquire seasonal Habbo furni that is sure to sell a lot on the market. This is the cornerstone of the economy and is considered to be the “bragging rights” of many Habbo users. In fact, you want Habbo credits and coins for the furni in the first place. Learn the ropes and trends of the Habbo market, see what is popular and what is not, and learn when to undercut prices in order to be able to make a profit. And, remember, it’s always the most profitable to snipe rare furni on the auction house for cheap prices, then sell them for a higher price.


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