Habbo Credits and How To Earn Them For Free Part 4

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Just the continuation of our earlier guide on how to earn Habbo Credits for free.

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Habbo Credits: Get a Job!

Earning Habbo credits and furni doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to the idea of trading and playing mini-games. One can actually get a job in the game to earn coins and creds. Now, this isn’t a real job job, but more of just standing around and pretty much roleplaying as a chef, waiter, or whatever else folks need. With that said, look for rooms that are “hiring” folks for certain roles in for specific activities. You obviously have to look for those setting up restaurants, cafes, clubs, or even shadier jobs if you get my drift. You’ve got to know how to play the part and you certainly have to prove that you are going to be just great for the job.

Don’t expect extravagant pay like a billion Habbo Credits or getting super rare Habbo furni. After all, you really are just using a virtual avatar pretending to serve food or giving somebody a Mexican Halloween, so there’s no real work involved. But so long as you can get but a few coins or a furni a week, you’ll be surprised how much wealth you can amass by doing silly jobs like these from time to time.

Habbo Credits: Partaking in Promotions

From time to time, one-time events occur to spur more players into playing Habbo. A lot of these events have mini-games involved, some activity to do outside of the game, and some are even in forms of contests. Take advantage of these events as much as you can because they have the tendency to award a lot of coins, credits, and furni (which can be sold for tons more Habbo Credits). These events are, of course, on a time limit, so be sure to do as much as you can with them for as long as they last.

  • One example of a limited-time promotion is a seasonal rare furni giveaway. These events, which are often put on for a holiday, sometimes involve the sale of limited edition furni. Because these rare furni are so valuable, it’s possible to profit greatly if you buy one and hold onto it until its value increases.

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