Habbo Credits: Bad Time, Bad Update

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Folks thought it was an April Fools prank, but it turned out to be far more real than anyone could ever expect. With a whopping grand total of 50 Habbo credits and 50 Diamonds, the price of membership for Habbo Club has become more expensive just for a single month. Yes, you heard that right – only 1 month’s worth. At the moment, the page on which this is located in is still not updated, so folks are hoping that this is a mistake or, indeed, a very cruel April Fools prank.

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The logic of the company here is that they have added more perks for Habbo club members, thus meriting a price hike for the service. One of those perks is the newly introduced Habbo Club Center, a hub that displays all your information concerning the membership. Additionally, they’ve added the Habbo Club¬†Payday¬†that gives increasing rewards depending how long, in succession, you have been a Habbo Club member. But even those who have been members for a very long time get only a paltry sum even if they’ve been holding a membership for half a decade.

Habbo Credits: The Big Fat Pay

A lot of Habbo users are unsatisfied with the announcement and a lot of folks are already waging protests and sending angry letters to the publisher. People feel, indeed, that the price increase is too high and too harsh to justify the changes and additions made to the membership. It looks to be nothing more than a quick cash grab at an IP that is quickly flogging every single month. One such criticism was aimed at the addition of Habbo Diamonds because it becomes impossible to have premium membership without shelling out real cash. This forces people, who want the Habbo Club membership to maintain a legitimate subscription fee like that of TERA or World of Warcraft. While those methods of payment may be understandable for those games, Habbo cannot be justified using it due to the nature of the game as a social platform and nothing more.

Habbo Coins: An Undue Update

The Habbo Payday concept is also unfair due to the fact that it does not count breaks with your membership and works retroactively against users. This means, if you ever stopped your HC membership at any time in the past, it’s going to royally screw you even if it was just a month break or, heck, even just a day. This is genuine money-grubbing in my opinion and the developers really have to step back and take a look at this monstrosity of an update. No amount of free Habbo Coins, Habbo Credits, or Diamonds will ever fix the trust of the community ever again if they don’t remedy this soon.

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