Habbo Credits Collector’s Guide to Furniture – Where to Get Furni

In an earlier guide we covered the basics of furniture in Habbo. Specifically, we went over the two rarity types of these items in the game. Today we will look into how to get furniture for your room; both using Habbo Credits to buy them and getting them for free. We will also look at the two categories furniture falls into.


Using Habbo Credits to get furni

The simplest way to get furniture for your room is to buy it from the shop using Habbo Credits. Prices will of course range depending on the rarity of the item.

Shops can be classified into two, the official shop and player run shops. The former uses credits and is easily accessible from your inventory.  Prices here are set by the game’s publisher. Often times, players can also purchase bundles and limited edition furniture from the official shop.

The other type of shop, player made shops, often taken coins as payment. Unlike the official shop, player run shops have more flexible prices. This can be good or bad however. Most items will be much cheaper, but certain items valued by the community will be more expensive.

Save Habbo Credits when getting furni

Don’t have enough credits? Then look for player run events and games. There are lots of players who are willing to give away furniture as rewards for games and events they run. Of course, don’t expect the items you can get from these events to be extremely good. What matters is they’re free.

Occasionally, some players will hold contests that require some Habbo Credits to join in. Unless it’s a scam, event like these will often give out better or rare furniture so keep a lookout for them. Of course you can always buy Habbo Credits to get stuff from the official shop.

Furni types for Habbo Credits collectors

Furniture in Habbo fall into two general categories. The first category is Floor items. These are furniture and equipment that are placed on the floor of the room. This includes chairs, tables, beds, cabinets and the like. Nearly 95% of all furniture in the game are considered Floor items.

The second category is Wall items. These cover windows, posters, flags and the like. As the name implies, these items go on the walls of the room. Note that unlike Floor items, these can be put on top of each other.


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