Habbo Credits Collectors News – Hablar Island and Fansites

It’s time for another weekly update for players of Habbo Hotel. This week players can go Jurassic in the game as they earn Habbo Credits. Meanwhile, internet savy Habbos have a chance to get their fansite officially recognized. Lastly, we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t lie about your age when playing the game.


Going Jurassic for Habbo Credits

With a familiar movie franchise releasing soon, Habbos can cater to their love for dinosaurs with the Mini Jurassic Habbo Bundle. For just 99 coins players can get fully customized room themed as a dinosaur enclosure complete with a slightly grumpy Dilophosaurus. The bundle doesn’t stop with electric fences and ferns but also gives players a badge.

If you’re not into bundles, then buy your furniture and clothes individual. Under the Jurassic Habbo category in the shop, players can get individual furni pieces to build your own piece of Hablar Island. Habbo Couture is also featuring prehistoric items and outfits to complete the look.

Habbo Credits Collectors can make their fansites official

Like with most games, players can create fansites to relay information, fun facts, events and news to other players. Habbo is the same with different Habbos creating hubs where players can get their Habbo Hotel fix outside of the site. Announced this week, players can get their fansites officially recognized by the game however. Until June 22, fansite owners can apply for official fansite status. They simply need to explain why they deserve to be officially recognized. Note however that only one entry per site is allowed.

Are you old enough to get Habbo Credits

Habbo Hotel is quite strict when it comes to their age restrictions. Only players above 13 are allowed to play. As such, never joke about your age in chat. If you claim to be under 13 years old, even as a joke, your account will be banned. Also be careful as there are other players who will trick you into claiming to be underage.

If you do get banned for being underage, there are a few things you can do to lift the ban. The most direct is to file a ticket with Customer Support. They will require a proof of age from you and if you can provide that, then you will be able to get your account back. Just don’t pretend to be a kid again.


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