Weekly News for Habbo Credits Collectors – Canada Day and Bundles

A week has gone but in its wake is a lot of news for Habbo Credits hunters. This week we take a look at the celebration held by Canadian Habbos to celebrate Canada Day. We will also check out who won the Hablar Dino Lab Room competition. Collectors meanwhile can get a Deep Sea Den Bundle to help customize their rooms.


Celebrate Canada Day with Habbo Credits hunters

It’s July 1 and for Canadian Habbos it is their day to show their Canadian Pride. It is on this day that the Canadian Confederation was created and the Constitution of Canada takes effect. As such, they have created a game room to commemorate Canada Day. Of course, all players are invited to join the festivities in this multi-room. Not only will you get to have fun, you can also win a badge for your Habbo. You can play in this room by clicking here.

Special furni for Habbo Credits hunters from contest

Last week Habbos were invited to design the most awesome Dino Lab Room they can to help celebrate Jurassic Habbo. At stake were special Jurassic furni for the top 15 rooms. The top winner also gets a special badge. Now we can see the labs Hablar have picked as their favorites. The top 14 winners include Priorities, TheIrinaBlue, jasean94, Humprey, Srif, Michaels, audermars, matt2205, dolphingirl99945, DiscoSign, Pulx, SilentTone, and AnnkatrineMagi. For the top spot, CaseyColleen wins the special furni and badge. You can check out all the entries by going to Jurassic Habbo in the Community/Creations part of the site.

New bundle for Habbo Credits

Habbo Hotel players can get the Deep Sea Den bundle from the shop for only 99 credits this week. The bundle comes with a fully customized room that gives you the feel of being deep under the sea. It contains sea themed furniture including jellyfish lamps, coral decorations and sandy floors. There are also driftwood chairs and tables, as well as a treasure chest to flaunt your loot. Note that aside from the room and furni, you will also get the Deep Sea Den badge when you this bundle.


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