Official Habbo Website Redesigned for Collectors of Habbo Credits

It’s been five months since the last time the official Habbo website was last updated. Last week however, the site was given a much needed face lift. In today’s article we will go over the new features of the site as well as how it will affect the average collector of Habbo Credits.


Easier transition for Habbo Credits collectors

One of the first things Habbos will notice upon using the new Habbo site is how the game no longer runs in a pop-up window. This change was intentional and is implemented as part of a more streamlined design for the site. The change aims to smoothen the transition from the website to the client. Considering how easier it is to find news, featured rooms and galleries, this change was necessary.

Players who prefer to play in a pop-up window however are still free to do so. Once on the site and logged in, they simply need to right click the “Go to Hotel” button. In the context menu that appears, they will then need to click on Open in new window. This will then launch the client in a new browser window.

More information for collectors of Habbo Credits

Along with the smoother transition from web to the game client, the website update makes information about the game easier to acquire. The new site layout presents players news, updates, featured rooms and galleries in a simple and efficient manner. Most important of all, players no longer need to log in just to see news and updates about the game.

The new site however still needs users to log in to view featured rooms, galleries and the like. Log in is also required for one of the sites new features: viewing private messages and minimails outside of the client. Another part of the site that requires login is the redesigned HabboMall.

For Habbo Credits collectors on the move

Due to the popularity of mobile devices these days, the website has been optimized for them. Now, Habbos can check for news, and updates through their phone or tablet. Buying items through the HabboMall while on the go is also now possible thanks to the site optimization.