Habbo Furni Board: Habbo’s Future

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It sure does look bleak, folks. Ever since Habbo increased the Habbo Club membership costs, a lot of players have been switching to retro, meaning some people are going to private servers of the old Habbo Hotel rather than the official retail Habbo. It’s a bad sign for anybody because this just means it is splitting up what already is a small community to begin with.

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Habbo is the type of online game that can only survive if there are tons of other people around to hang out, explore, learn, and create with. Of course, every online game is pretty much in the same boat, but for a game that focuses more on the social aspect, that’s a bad sign.

If the developers really cared about their remaining players, they’d rescind this silly new pricing because all they’re going to do is alienate their small, but loyal fanbase, and deter any other prospective players to enter Habbo. If anything, they should be making this game as welcoming as possible so that it doesn’t lose out to far more superior games like IMVU. Keeping up in this manner is just going to make them lose more money in the long run, and it will hardly give them any real profit even in the short run.

Aside from spending all their Habbo coins and credits on Habbo Furni, players of Habbo now have a bigger budget to contend to if they want to keep the perks of Habbo Club. One could say that they could, indeed, continue playing the game without really paying for anything, but once you’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to be a paying subscriber, you really don’t want to get off of it. It’s pretty much the same with every other online game right now.

Habbo Items: The Real End?

We could pretend that this won’t hamper Habbo’s progress anytime soon, but we’d be fools to do so. This will, inevitably, mark the end of another era and it will be difficult for Habbo to bounce back after this. Hopefully, they’ll soon realize their mistake and get off their butts being content with putting out recolored Habbo furni and help the community instead.

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