Habbo Furni Collector’s New Digest – Earth Hour and Remembrance

Welcome Habbo fans! Today is a special day as we start our weekly digest of Habbo News. Starting today, we will be bringing Habbo Furni collectors important news about Habbo Hotel and related developments. This week, players can join a new trivia room, and make entries for a new gallery. The winning entry for the St. Patrick’s Day contest has also been announced.


Trivia contest for Habbo Furni collectors

Earth Hour is coming this Saturday March 28 and many people around the world will be shutting off their lights or power for an hour. To help spread the word about Earth Hour and how we everyone can be eco-friendly, a trivia contest room has been created. Players can enter the room and answer trivia questions based on Earth Hour. The room has been created by the game’s Ambassadors so be sure to thank them. Players can access the Ambassadors Earth Hour 2015 room here.

Habbo Furni collectors remember Lee Kuan Yew

You may be wondering who Lee Kuan Yew is and why he is all over the news this week. This prominent man is Singapore’s founding father who passed away this week. He was 91 years old. To commemorate his legacy and the importance of his contributions to Singapore and Asia, Habbo is holding a contest.

To join the contest, Habbo Furni collectors will need to recreate any of Singapore’s famous buildings or monuments in the game. Players then need to take a screenshot and title it “Singapore”. Make sure that the room ID is in the screenshot. Finally, upload this image to My Habbo Artworks via the Community page. Ten winners will be selected and will be given a hippo. Additionally, the top winner will receive a badge along with the hippo.

Habbo Furni collectors that won St. Patrick’s Day contest

Congratulations are in order as the winners of the recent S. Patrick’s Day contest has been posted. Top winner dr.mestre won the contest with his rendition of Trinity College. The top 14 entries include, in no particular order: Humprey., chidiva, matt003, bloodhound, egavaelc, audemars, brightflame, CianGaga, Trammel, Okeanos, ronmelito, Alexandr, VVV_RF and TERROTHECOOL. Congratulations everyone!