Hill Giants for EverQuest Platinum Hunting

Earn EverQuest Platinum with these hunting monsters; The Hill Giants can be your source of platinum. These monsters can be found at Rathe Mountains. Check out more of this platinum source for your level 30-35 character.

everquest platinum in hill giants

EverQuest Platinum: Hill Giants

Hill Giants can be found in the Rathe Mountains is probably one of the most famous farming locations. The players called the farming spot the “EQ ATM Machine”. Because of the Hill Giant’s large drop amount platinum they named the farming spot like that. If you can kill Hill giants as long as you can, estimated you can earn 1200-2500 platinum per hour. The giants here also have a very high drop rate of Fine Steel Weapons which you can sell to a vendor for 1-5 platinum per kill. Your inventory will be filled up quickly here but luckily there is a vendor right nearby at the Paladin Camp.

Items for EverQuest Platinum

With the Giants dropping anywhere from 1-40 platinum a kill and a Fine Steel Weapon with almost every kill you could make 50 platinum in one kill. In this level range the hill giants is the best recommendation. You can also level up in these monsters since It is better to farm while you are leveling up your character.