Hunting STO Credits with Admiralty Ships

The roster of Hunters of STO Credits who uses the Admiralty Ships at your disposal is comprised of all starship classes that you currently have access to. This includes all commissioned starships, and you will retain access to Admiralty Ships for starships that you dismiss from your active roster. It does not include starships still inside Reward Packs, or those not yet claimed.

admiralty ships for collecting sto credits

Admiralty Ship’s Characteristics for Hunting STO Credits

Upon gaining access to a new Starship class, a corresponding Admiralty Ship will be automatically added to your Roster. Your Admiralty Ship Roster is limitless – every ship you have access to will be ready to use. Captains will only ever have access to a single Admiralty Ship per class of ship they have access to, but “Fleet” and “Mirror” versions of existing classes are counted as separate classes for this purpose.

  • Tier corresponds to the level at which the Starship becomes available for use.
  • Rarity is defined by the method by which the ship is acquired (Dilithium, Lock Box, Event, etc.)
  • Stats represent the Admiralty Ship’s ability to succeed on certain Assignments, and are broken down into three entries: ENG, SCI, and TAC. The values for each Admiralty Ship are based upon their in-world capabilities, so Escorts generally have higher TAC stats than Cruisers or Science Vessels. Higher Tier ships will have higher Stat totals.

Special Abilities of the Ships for STO Credits Hunting

Special Abilities are modifiers that apply when the Admiralty Ship is slotted into an Assignment. If the condition of the Special Ability is met, then the Assignment requirements and/or rewards are modified accordingly. The effects of these Special Abilities can vary greatly: Some benefits trigger based on the primary stat of other slotted vessels, while others require that a ship be slotted alone. Some will improve Critical Success chances, while others reduce the required Stats of an Assignment. Special Abilities do not improve with Tier, so it’s possible a lower Tier ship may possess the perfect one for the Assignment you’re pursuing.

And Maintenance must be performed on every Admiralty Ship after the completion of any Assignment, regardless of the outcome. The Tier of the Admiralty Ship determines the length of this Maintenance Period, and higher Tier ships require more time spent in Maintenance.

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