Invading Blightfire EverQuest Platinum Hunting

Bark a wood earn EverQuest Platinum, this is what you need to do in the Blightfire Farming Spot. An estimation of 2,000-2,500 platinum can be earned after you sell the valued items you collected on treants in Blightfire. Check out more in Blightfire and collected the valued items for better profits for platinum.

blightfire for everquest platinum

Treant Cutting for EverQuest Platinum

Killing treants in Blightfire can give you tradeskill items that are valued in the Bazaar such as Treat heart, straight oak treant branch, straight treant branch and dry treant branch. After earning these items after killing several treants in the spot you can sell them in the bazaar with the right price.

Most of the items that drop off the treants are vendor trash. In the swamp area of Blightfire moors you will also find Undead Giants. These giants usually drop good amounts of platinum; they also drop vendor trash that sells for a good amount. If you have time to run a trader every night or every couple of nights then this is a great farming location for your level.

EverQuest Platinum Purchasing and Selling

Once you earned much platinum that you never expected you can sell your extra platinum in PlayerAuctions or you can buy platinum if you are lacking much time to grind. Earn profits with your hard work and timeless grinding. You can buy and sell the platinum you earned and get profits in exchange of your grinding.


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