Invading Runnyeye Citadel’s Goblins for EverQuest Platinum

Runnyeye Citadel used to be the underground home of the Runnyeye clan of Goblins. Their tunnels wind their way through the hills, carving deeper and deeper down into the depths. Recently the Pickclaw goblin tribe has moved into and taken over the area. They make prisoners of Clan Runnyeye and their once leaders also known as the Evil Eyes.

Take down the goblins infesting the Citadel and earn EverQuest platinum.

everquest platinum earning in runnyeye citadel

Inside the Citadel: EverQuest Platinum Hunters

This zone is blessed with an abundance of goblins, which are separated quite well by level between the various levels. The lower level goblins live on the upper level and stay there, wandering back and forth, and are usually not in groups so can be soloed well. The higher level goblins are in the second level, and usually come in groups. This means that they must be hunted in groups, but are separated into their own rooms and so the pulls are fairly predictable. I’ve never seen a train in Runnyeye like you would see in Blackburrow or some of the other places.

Items and EverQuest Platinum you can Earn in the Citadel

There are also some neat items that can be found in this dungeon. The throne room area has monsters that possess Blackened Alloy Armor, which adds to stats, depending on the piece that you get, and looks very cool. Blackened Iron and Blackened Alloy Armor are all pretty much random drops off of creatures here (the Blackened Alloy coming off of higher level ones) Also, the evil eyes are a big draw to this area, and the evil eye that spawns the lens for the Staff of the Observer lives in this zone.

Also, there is a bank in Runnyeye. Yes, a bank. You can go there, change in coppers, and go hunting some more, although you have to be at least level 30 so they are non-aggressive to you. Add to that the local merchants, who sell food and other items, and you, could stay here for a while.