June Events and Bonuses: Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunting

The Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds bring Captain Blackdagger to justice will be able to raid the Blackdagger coffers, earning them some plunder worthy of mermaid’s kiss! Among these items are the green-quality Swashbuckler Companion and Brutal Enchantments!

june events for neverwinter astral diamonds

For the duration of the event, players can also find a suped-up version of the sea-worthy Swashbuckler companion in the Swashbuckler Companion Pack available in the Zen Market. This will include a purple-quality Swashbuckler companion!

  • Xaliana and her fellow Harpers are also happy to reward the heroes that aid them in their plight.

Damaran Weapon Transmutes – Straight from the Harper armory come the Damaran Weapon Transmutes! The magnificent, maritime-themed items can make your trusty weapon appear ready to take on the high seas!

2x Exp for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunters

With some big news coming today, let’s celebrate a bit early by having 2x XP this weekend!

Your characters and companions will level faster than ever! Earn twice as much XP from quests, killing enemies and other in-game activities.

  • 2x XP begins: Thursday, June 2 at 7AM PT (Pacific)
  • 2x XP ends: Monday, June 6 at 10AM PT (Pacific)

What will grant you double XP in Neverwinter during this event?

  • XP gained from killing creatures in game.
  • XP gained from professions.
  • XP rewards from quests.
  • XP rewards from invocation.
  • XP rewards from completed Foundry missions.

Companions will also gain double XP. Even if you are level 70, your companions will continue to gain double XP as you progress through the game.

  • Companions will not receive double XP from Sword Coast Adventures.

Astral Diamond Hunting in June Bonuses and Events

Getting a chance to get the events for this month is your chance to get more Astral Diamonds. Play the game and enjoy the upcoming 2x exp this week for your character. Grind till you drop and level up your character.

If there are times that you are struggling in hunting diamonds, you can check out this marketplace where players are offering items and currencies for players. This is just an alternative way to get the things you need for gaming improvement.

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