Knowing the Gear for your Aion Kinah Hunter

Knowing the right kind of armor for your Aion Kinah hunter can give you the advantage of things or limitations you can do. If you know what is the capability of your class armor it means you know what it can handle to stay it alive. Check out these armor types for your character.

aion kinah for cloth armor

Cloth Armor for Aion Kinah Hunting

Cloth armor is the lightest of all armor types in Aion. Cloth armor allows the player the ability to move about the battlefield with ease as well as help to increase their resistance to magic attacks. Cloth armors are commonly used by mage, sorcerers, Spiritmasters, muses and song weavers. Since these classes’ uses magic attacks they benefit a lot on the stat bonuses of cloth armors.

By the cloth armor’s weak physical defense it will pull up a great advantage for magic attack users since it gives magic enhancement. It is also a good thing if your character is imbued with powerful magic attacks. It will help the players to kill and farm on monsters.

Aion Kinah Farming for Profits

Once you earn enough Aion Kinah, you can use it to earn profits. Sell them in PlayerAuctions and your Kinah will be purchased of the players who needed it so much.

You can also purchase Kinah for your character if you don’t have time to grind for it. Sell or purchase Kinah now and enjoy the game.

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