Lake Rathetear Zone for Earning EverQuest Platinum

Lake Rathetear is a mid-level zone, and therefore is dangerous to people travelling through it who are of lower levels. The most dangerous part is the entrance from Southern Plains of Karana, which is heavily inhabited by gnolls during the day and undead at night. I recommend travelling through here at a brisk pace and invisible if possible if you cannot deal with these creatures.

rathetear zone for everquest platinum

Water Zone and Bestiaries for EverQuest Platinum

Lake Rathetear is a large lake, almost a small sea, which sits nestled in the distant wilds of Antonica. Many individuals who like to get away from the main population centers come to here and the Rathe Mountains because of their relative seclusion, and the lake and its surroundings are home to many who have carved out their niche. Aviaks, spellcasters, goblins, ogres, bandits, barbarians, gypsies, gnolls, and the occasional hermit all reside in this area for earning EverQuest Platinum.

The significant danger is the fact that the zone is mostly aquatic. Relying on boats is chancy at best, because now that the zone is more heavily travelled, the boats aren’t always at docks like they used to be. Most of the walls are scalable, and it’s possible to walk around much of the zone clinging to a rock face, but there are definitely parts where you will be forced to swim. Why is this dangerous? First of all, unless you are a truly excellent swimmer, fighting the aqua goblins, sharks, deepwater goblins, or Webclaw in the water is not going to be an enjoyable experience.

Benefits and EverQuest Platinum you can earn

The items in this zone are probably the most sought after items in the game for this level range. Skimming through the listing reveals mainstays of high-priced auctions. Most people come here to hunt with the dream of ancient Froglok treasures to carry them into the swamps.

This is also a great area for experience for higher level characters. It is also something of a training ground for fighting in the higher level dungeons on Kunark, as the skills that you develop here for advanced grouping are absolutely essential when you move to the even more dangerous dungeons of that once-lost continent


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