Lethal and Quick: Ash in Warframe Item Hunting

warframe items with ash

Ash is a fast, maneuverable Warframe that possesses a high degree of survivability in the field. Fleet movement complements deadly tools of assassination, making Ash a perfect balance between killing potency and stealth.

warframe items with ash

Ash was originally named Smoke, and before that, simply Ninja, like some of Hydroid’s powers, has a unique perk that allows his Blade Storm ability to completely bypass enemy armor due to the attacks dealing Finisher damage; the kind of damage used when players perform finishing attacks on downed enemies.

Playing the Ninja for Warframe Items

Shuriken can be used to break the glass on Corpus missions, activating a lockdown. Trapped enemies inside the room are slowly damaged or even killed if they are weak enough. It will often try to seek enemies that you’ve run past, making it miss both the enemy you ran past and the target you were trying to hit.

Blade Storm can be activated while zooming in with a ranged weapon if you are starting to hunt for Warframe Items. This can be used to more precisely pick targets. You are invincible while using Blade Storm. This can be used to give time to regenerate your shields.

Using Smoke Screen and then attacking with a melee weapon can clear out a group faster than Blade Storm, if base damage is high enough, due to the bonus stealth damage.

Skill Knowledge in hunting Warframe Items

In Update 13.5, Ash’s Blade Storm was buffed to increase its viability in AoE crowd-clearing. Blade Storm now spawns 2 holographic clones of Ash to assist in the execution of Blade Storm and they inflict Blade Storm’s full damage. This allows Ash to clear the maximum 18 marked targets 3 times faster, making Blade Storm a viable method of quickly clearing out enemies. Note that other abilities can kill enemies faster than Blade Storm, even with the clones.

Smoke Screen does not prevent damage from Orokin Lasers or AoE damage such as poison clouds and explosions.