Aion Kinah Collectors in Memorial Day Shugonanigans

Aion is celebrating Memorial Day by having a limited-time sale of special items. From May 23 to May 27, players can get items for their Aion Kinah hunter at a discounted price.

aion kinah Memorial Day

Cheaper Entry Scrolls for more Aion Kinah

During the event period players can get Shugo Imperial Tomb Bonus Entry Scrolls at 10% off. Enjoy hunting Aion Kinah and item rewards in the Imperial Tomb with the Gold Pack Saam. This pet unique 32-slot pet is also sale to give you more inventory space.

More items for the Aion Kinah hunter

Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundles will also be discounted for Aion Kinah hunters that need them. For those who buy Large Cubes, you’ll also get something during the event. Each Large Cube will come with a Greater Enchantment Stone Bundle during the event.

 Aion Kinah and Dramata Wings

In a previous article we covered the Shugo Imperial Tomb for Aion in brief. Today we’ll look a bit more closely at some of the rewards Aion Kinah hunters can get from this instance.

Aion Kinah hunters who managed to defend the Shugo Imperial Tomb can now open a special treasure chests in special treasure rooms. These chests contain various items including the Dramata Wing and Dramata Bone Wing for level 60 and above characters. Both wings give the following stats:

• Flight Time+85

• Spell Resist+9

• HP+449

• Strike Resist +46

• Strike Fortitude +84