Neverwinter Astral Diamonds: Hostility

Playing Neverwinter is not as easy as it looks. Yes, you are playing a game but it comes with interacting with other people and that what makes it harder.

Astral Diamonds Neverwinter: The Story

This is a post coming from FluffyGamer of Reddit giving a story on a hostility incident he/she encountered in Neverwinter:

I’ve just been noticing in the past month that there’s just more and more players who hate on other people for how they play. i haven’t been the target for such hostility,( that I know of ) but seeing more and more of it is kind of saddening.

Example: I load up my Cleric alt and decide i’m going to pug some dungeons and get some seals, in the first one, someone was picking up greens for RP for their equipment. I know it’s not efficient or even useful to get RP this way, but I mean if that’s what he wants to do, so what? But apparently he’s a noob because he chooses to do this. Then in the second one, there was a paladin who was on the chopping block to be kicked because, and I can only assume, that it was because he was using bubble. I know people hate that others rely on bubbles, but if that’s his build, then that’s how he wants to play. Why not just accept the easier skirmish real quick.

I personally love to help others out and try and give info to help out whenever I can, but I can assure you, trying to give that info by calling them scrubs, noobs, idiots, telling them they should uninstall, that’s not going to make them think “Know what? I should look that up! Thanks random ass”

If you want the community to be better, we gotta try and be better to newer people who are uninformed. Always mentioning how easier it was in Mod 5 or 4 isn’t gonna help them, that’s discouraging. There are still ways to get geared, be rich, and be a great Free-To-Play character. Thanks for reading 🙂


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Neverwinter Astral Diamonds: My Opinion

Well this is not only present in Neverwinter. This is true in, if not all, most of the MMORPGs out there in the market. People are hostile even if you are actually friendly. Every one you encounter trying to be a ‘troll’ to look cool or whatever reason. The last part of the post is great since it really suggested of how it is to interact in a nice manner. There might be dumb players, ‘noob’ players or even hostile players you will encounter but countering with hostility as well is not the key. Interact with decency and be friendly. Let us end the rapidly increasing number of angry people in MMORPGs by starting with ourselves. Thanks for the post, FluffyGamer!