Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunter’s Rewards in New Lockbox

Our agents have taken a break from exploring ancient ruins and dusty tombs to visit new regions where the land is young and pulsing with life. Our latest lockbox is full of the treasures they’ve found. The New Life Lockbox has arrived in Neverwinter on last Thursday, January 21.

neverwinter astral diamonds rewards with lockbox

To find out what’s inside a New Life lockbox with your Neverwinter Astral Diamonds hunter, you’ll need an Enchanted Key. You can buy those keys from the Zen Market or, if you’re a VIP member, you’ll be getting a new key every day.

Rewards for Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

Inside the New Life Lockbox there’s a chance you’ll find new-born creatures — some baby Augment Companions! If you’re lucky enough to discover the New Life Legendary Companion Pack or the New Life Epic Companion Pack, you’ll have your choice of a Polar Bear Cub, Owlbear Cub, or Bulette Pup (there’s also a Bear Cub that will be available in the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant). These aren’t just different looks, either. Each pet has different stats, different slots, and a different Active Bonus. Choose the one you think fits your character class best — or just choose the one you think is the cutest.

Another possible find in the New Life Lockbox is a new artifact, the Horn of Valhalla. When you blow on the horn, you’ll summon a ghostly barbarian who will taunt all nearby enemies and fight them for you.

More and More Rewards for your Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

As you looked closely at every pack that was being considered for inclusion in the New Life Lockbox, to see if it was giving as much value as we wanted it to give. Every pack got an upgrade (most got several). The end result is a lockbox with new versions of every single pack! Whether it’s getting more Companion Tokens in the new Companion Augmentation Pack, getting a second Enchantment in the Abyssal Strongbox of Enchantments, or having a better chance of getting an artifact in Grazilaxx’s Artifact Pack, we hope everyone feels like they’re having a new experience opening New Life Lockboxes.

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