Primer on How to Earn STO Credits from the New Crafting System (Part I)

The Research and Development crafting system in Star Trek Online allows players to create items in the game. Crafty players can use this to their advantage and make STO Credits from creating valuables from the many materials in the game. Knowing how the new system works however is key to this enterprise.

How to Earn STO Credits from the New Crafting System

Different Schools to earn STO Credits

The new crafting system is divided into seven different categories called Schools. These are Shields, Beams, Science, Projectiles, Ground Weapons, Engineering and Cannons. Each school has a crafting level. Crafting an item from a specific School will increase the player’s experience for that school. Higher level items that can sell for more STO Credits require the crafter to have high levels in the associated school.

Quality and STO Credits

Crafted items can come in different quality ranging from Common to Very Rare. The quality of a crafted item is determined by your Skill Rating. This in turn is affected by the character’s level in the associated School and the level of the item being crafted. To earn maximum STO Credits with high quality items, a high level in the associated School is required.


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