RS gold Earning thru Planting, Money grows on tree.

Farming could get you bored to death and too slow to be able to gain more RS gold. Maybe what you’re doing now is wrong. You may consider using some faster method, like Supercompost that produces a much larger harvest rather than regular compost (it also decreases the chance of crops becoming diseased). Using that, you may be able to earn more reasonable amount of RS gold.

Money grows on tree, so I tried to planted RS gold to grow

To be able to obtain Supercompost, you must complete the “Garden of Tranquility”. Or you could place 15 suitable organic items into any compost bins that are located next to the allotment patches.


Things to consider in farming to grow RS gold

You can start Farming to any RS places with patches. You need to consider buying seeds first to avoid wasting your precious RS gold. Farming using herbs is more profitable since it only requires for at least 5 minutes or every 75 minutes as long as your crops are still alive and not diseased.

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