Reasons to Play Everquest for Everquest Platinum Hunters

Everquest is an old game with a huge amount of content to explore, much like RuneScape. Though the graphics are too outdated for our tastes, the atmosphere and feel of the game is very different from newer MMORPGs, most of which EQ has inspired in fact. Find out more about the main features of EQ for Everquest Platinum hunters.

everquest platinum why play

Quests, Character Development, and Slower-Paced Combat for Everquest Platinum Hunters

  • Vast amounts of quests, zones, dungeons and cities to explore.
  • Very solo-friendly thanks to mercenaries, which are hirelings that fight with you.
  • Huge amounts of long-lasting character development, in the form of 100 levels, AA points (extra abilities and spells), items with fun and useful effects, augmentations (gems that enhance armor), hundreds of spells per class of several ranks, tradeskills, progression, gear, achievements and faction.
  • Slower-paced combat that doesn’t require frantic button spamming, interrupting with 1 second warning and the need to move every 5 seconds on bosses. While you can’t AFK your way to victory, EQ has a very different combat style that can be a breath of fresh air compared to other games.

Classes and Quest System for Everquest Platinum Hunters

  • 16 unique classes that haven’t suffered from so much class homogenization, and still fundamentally play the same as in old times. This can be for better or for worse, but you feel very special when playing a certain class.
  • Quest system that ranges from minor kill and collect quests to epic quests that will take weeks of travelling, hunting, trade skills and boss killing to complete. EQ also has group quests with shared objectives that can feature a long chain of evolving objectives as you progress through the quest, without the need to return to a quest giver every two minutes.

Other Great Features for Everquest Platinum Hunters

  • Much less of a “gear reset” by each expansion. Many old items, even ancient items from the very first few expansions, remain useful today because of their click effects. This opens up the entire world to hunting for certain items, which is a cool game within the game. EQ is also much better at having overlap between expansions, so gear obtained from the previous expansion is still very useful. Your gear and items are not replaced within a few weeks of a new patch or expansion hitting.
  • Heavy emphasis on “named” mobs, also known as rare mobs. All zones made in the past several years contain dozens of rare spawns that give good, useful loot, yet are killable with a few grouped players, or even solo if you’re high level. Imagine WoW’s rare mobs, but with placeholders, much more frequent spawn rates, and drops as good as dungeon loot. It basically means that interesting loot can be found all over the place, instead of purely in a few instanced dungeons.
  • Yearly anniversary events for Everquest Platinum hunters!