Roar of the Tempest: the Hunt for EverQuest Platinum

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This is the second camp that you can have found in Plane of Shadow in hunting EverQuest Platinum that is even worth mentioning. So far from this guide’s vast explorations of the zone it has become difficult finding anything worth it here considering a lot of nameds are really annoying to kill or there is only one named in that camp in which case I never find camping just one named to be worth it. The good thing about this camp is that, much like the other Plane of Shadow camp is completely safe for your group. And you have access to two nameds.

eq plat, Ever Quest 2, everquest platinum, Guides, MMORPG, online game, Online Games, pc, pc game, rpg, Tips

Getting Started with Vex Derex Lux for EverQuest Platinum

Before getting started with the named mobs in the area this guide would like to tell you about an extremely easy task nearby for a few AAs. Vex Derex Lux is a nearby tornado twister that you can accept two quests from. One of them takes place right in this area, has you kill a few of the an essence of xin va, collect their loot and use an item on them then give the goodies back to them, kill the new mob and turn it in. Extremely easy quest to do for a decent amount of XP and AAs.

Now, let’s take a look at the nameds in the area since we have that quest out of the way! There are two easy to pull nameds from this camp and one you would have to really over extend to pull. The two easy nameds are A Thundering Tempest and Xorla Vor. A Thundering Tempest can spawn in the east or west portion of the room and is an extremely easy named to kill. He pulls random people to him occasionally which are really easy to counter by running away.

Getting your EQ Plat

Playing the game and earn EQ Plat is not the fun thing playing the game. You can also gain profits as you earn platinum for your character. There are times that you don’t need platinum but you don’t know where to put or spend them. You can check the market place, become a member and sell your platinum for players who are badly looking for it.


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