Science for your Career Path to Earn STO Credits

Career path is one of the game systems of Star Trek Online which offers certain bonuses towards specific play-styles in space and ground, character roles are not very rigidly defined in Star Trek Online, and any character may fly any ship, wear any uniform, and equip almost any item.

Science officers are most useful in the Healer and “Buffer/Debuffer” roles, where they provide healing and buffs for allies and themselves), as well as powers that weaken and disable enemy NPCs. Science officers wear the color blue and are ideally matched with Science Vessels of the Federation and Warships of Klingon Empire, ship classes whose bonus is to weaken and control their enemies, and provide some healing on the side.

sto credits in science career path

Science Man for STO Credits

In ground combat, science kits offer team healing and AoE (Area of Effect) damage, but can also grant abilities that control or debuff enemy resiliency, damage and movement.

Unique traits

  • Conservation of Energy icon.png Conservation of Energy: +Exotic Damage.
  • Photonic Capacitor icon.png Photonic Capacitor: Reduces Photonic Fleet Cooldown
  • Field Researcher icon.png Field Researcher: +Damage to Debuffed targets.
  • Medical Vanguard icon.png Medical Vanguard: Your Buffs and Heals now also strengthen Shields.

Choose from the variety of the career paths and gain advantages in party raids or group PvP. Each of the paths have its own advantage and disadvantages. Choose wisely for the career path so you can enjoy most of the game play.

STO Credits Purchasing

In case that you don’t have much time grinding for credits, you can purchase STO credits at You can also sell your credits if you have great income, earn profits using your STO credits and sell it to other players. Having good profits in credits will give you chance to purchase in-game premium items.