Shard’s Landing Map Guide for EverQuest Platinum

Since it would be way too hard to write an entire guide for each zone for farming collectibles this guide will be a reference for maps of ‘hot spots’ in each zone for collectibles. This guide is color coded for each map and put a massive amount of detail and effort into them to make sure they are the best, most reliable information you can find on gathering Collectibles. This map guide will give you knowledge about collectibles because they always changing spawn locations.

shard's map guide for everquest platinum

Shard’s Landing Hotspots for EverQuest Platinum

On the map above look out for the blue areas I have lines through. There honestly is not much strategy involved at all in farming Collectibles. The only secret or important thing you need to learn is the ‘hot spots’ for them. The maps on each of these pages have the ‘hot spots’ marked for each of these zones. Go to these areas and if no one else is farming Collectibles you will find some to gather up!

You will make approximately 50 – 75k an hour depending on what time you’re farming for EverQuest Platinum. If you are the only one in the zone farming and you are farming at a really off hour, expect to make 100 – 120k an hour instead of 50 – 75k! Keep in mind you will absolutely have to sell the collectibles you find and that will take much longer than actually farming them! Also a very good rule of thumb to do is buy any collectibles you see for very cheap on The Bazaar as you are pricing yours.

Getting your EverQuest Platinum

Playing the game and earn EverQuest platinum is not the fun thing playing the game. You can also gain profits as you earn platinum for your character. There are times that you don’t need platinum but you don’t know where to put or spend them. You can check the PlayerAuctions market place, become a member and sell your platinum for players who are badly looking for it.