RS gold sharing to your friends at party Using CoinShare

Using CoinShare, you can share your RS gold to your friends at party

Coinshare and Item Shards, sharing your Rs gold with your friends

In the past, the coinshare option has only the ability to automatically turn your drops into RS gold and split them to each members of the party. Now, Jagex recently updated the coinshare system. It has now ability to turn high-value item drops into 120 pieces of item shards. Those shards will distribute to each members of the party directly into their bank. The item shards can be sold in the Grand Exchange to make RS gold.

Jagex also updated the lists of items that are affected by coinshare to be split in the form of item shards. This will help players to split their earnings of RS gold when they have high-value item drops.

You can also use the lootshare option where they can share their item drops and equally distribute them to the members of the party. Even though they are low-value item drops, you can still earn a bit of Rs gold when sold in the Grand exchange.