Star Ships: The Scorpion Fighters for STO Credits

Scorpion fighters are a rare consumable device that launches scorpion class fighters which attacks your selected target for collecting STO Credits. It has multiple charges allowing the player to launch 50 waves of three fighters before the devices is fully consumed. The details below are the features available for the scorpion fighter consumable.

scorpion fighters for STO credits

Scorpion Fighters for STO Credits

This rare ship device is consumable over time and it is bind on pick up. The rarity is Unique and it is max of one per character.  Scorpion fighter launches three (3) scorpion fighters equipped with disruptor pulse cannons and micro photon torpedoes. These weapons are very painful to enemy star ships. These Scorpion fighters attack your selected target and will continue to attack that target until you have no target selected or the target is already destroyed.

STO Credits collection with Consumable Fighters

Scorpion fighters are targeting enemies with 10 kilometer range, 5 min recharge and loaded with 50 charges. Scorpion fighters can be deployed 6 fighters at one time. This device is a mission reward from the mission “the vault”. The level of the Scorpion fighters launched by this device scales as the player increases in level. This are small craft such as shuttles are not able to hold fighters to launch during the combat.