STO Credits Collecting with the Haakona Warbird Star Ships

The Haakona Advanced War Bird is one of the newly added Star Ships in the Legacy Pack of Star Trek Online for STO Credits. This ship is named after the I.R.W Haakona a D’deridex captained by Sub commander Taris in the 24th Century. This vessel is the upgraded version of the Ha’apax Advanced Warbird and this ship can be unlocked at Vice Admiral Level (Tier 5).

sto credits with haakona star ships

STO Credits Collection with War Birds

The newly developed Haakona Advance Warbird has also added unique features. This ship is equipped with the Universal Dual Vector Separation Console. This console has the feature of making the ship to separate. The player may choose to take over the Assault War Bird or the Guardian Warbird. This console is also available on the Ha’apax Advanced War Bird.

The Haakona looks similar to the Ha’apax Advanced Warbird. They have a similar overall design of a Bird-of-prey in flight. However, in comparison to the Ha’apax the Haakona has a more ridged and segmented overall design.

STO Credits Collection with Great Performance

Haakona’s real value comes with its Dual Vector Separation Module. The multi-vector advanced escort’s components are all straight damage dealers. The Haakona splits into a Guardian War Bird and an Assault War Bird. From one (1) ship this Star Ship has the ability to split into two (2) but with different play style.


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