STO Credits Earning and New Items with 8472 Counter-Command

Battling the invading Undines is no easy task in Star Trek Online. Such heroics of course cannot go unrewarded. Joining the 8472 Counter-Command not only pays STO Credits, it also gives access to the latest gear.

Earn STO Credits and New Items

Undine Marks, Isomorphic Injections and STO Credits

Captains seeking to gain reputation with the 8472 Counter-Command will need to gather Undine Marks. These marks will allow them to rise in the group’s ranks as well as buy new gear. In addition to Undine Marks, Isomorphic Injections can also be used to get new gear. Collect them in addition to your STO Credits from the new missions added by the content update.

Getting STO Credits and 8472 currency

Obtaining the new 8472 event currency is simple. Just participate and complete the new repeatable content to receive Undine Marks. For reference these are: Viscous Cycle, Undine Assault, Undine Infiltration, and Dyson Sphere Space Battlezone. Completing these events under Elite will also award Isomorphic Injections aside from STO Credits.


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