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RS gold Farming by collecting all of the ashes

March 14, 2014 editor 0

Collecting ashes from burnt woods leads to rs gold sale. Burning woods to get ashes and have a RS gold sale After burning logs, Ashes appears and can be collected. Aside from burning rs items logs Fire Spirits can also provide ashes and has a potential of giving out bonfire training as rewards. While members are able to use the ashes for their herblore training, while free players can only sell the rs items ashes for runescape […]

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RS gold trading Advantage and disadvantage of using bank notes

March 7, 2014 editor 0

Uses of Bank Note roles on RS gold trades Advantage of Bank note is that you don’t have to worry about the consuming of slots of the rs items on your inventory as well as the weight. Even RS gold can also be bank note. For free players this is really helpful since they have very limited inventory slots. There are no much disadvantage of using bank notes; however the bank notes and the RS gold are subject to […]

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RS Gold by Burning Woods – Profits from Wood Ash

January 20, 2014 editor 0

Your riches in Runescape can come from a lot of different resources. In this guide you will learn how to earn RS Gold through fire. Don’t worry though, it may sound awesome but it’s very easy to do. Read on for details.   Getting more RS gold for your wood Most players, if not all, have gone through their share of Woodcutting. Some have done it for quests and minigames, while others made some RS […]

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[News] Do you have too much Rs gold? Use them by becoming a member of the Premier Club

December 19, 2013 editor 0

Join the Premier Club using your excess Rs gold Jagex released the Premier Club offer for the players of Runescape. By purchasing the membership deal, you will gain an access to everything 2014 has to offer. Jagex will release a big update next year so it’s better to become a member because this offer is only limited time only. You can use your Rs gold to buy Bonds and in turn use it to become […]

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RS gold: Jagex would like to thank to all your Bonds donation

December 12, 2013 editor 0

A lot of Rs gold and Bonds donated for the charities Jagex would like to thank all the Runescape communities for donating their Rs gold and Bonds in the Well of Goodwill. Because of this, a lot of help and support is now given to the charities. Runescape players donated 544 billion Rs gold and 7000 Bonds in the Well of Goodwill. This totals an amount of $90,838 which Jagex will donate on your behalf […]

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RS gold sharing to your friends at party Using CoinShare

December 5, 2013 editor 0

Coinshare and Item Shards, sharing your Rs gold with your friends In the past, the coinshare option has only the ability to automatically turn your drops into RS gold and split them to each members of the party. Now, Jagex recently updated the coinshare system. It has now ability to turn high-value item drops into 120 pieces of item shards. Those shards will distribute to each members of the party directly into their bank. The […]

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RS gold to donate, double the donation will be given to charities

November 28, 2013 editor 0

Double the donation will be given to charities; a good reason to donate more RS gold There are only several days before the donation will end. Because of the good response given by the Runescape communities, Jagex already donated $60,000 total from 330 billion RS gold and 6000 Bonds. Due to its good response, Jagex will double the donation until the end of the month. Before they will end, for every 10 million RS gold […]

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RS gold to help the charity, great news for those who wants to donated

November 7, 2013 editor 0

Helping others using your RS gold Players may have a chance to help others by using their gold. Recently Jagex release an important update which give the players an opportunity to donate their RS gold, in-game items and Bonds to be given in the charities. This update is called Well of Goodwill. By providing them the act of giving, they may have a freedom to support charities in real world.   The Well of Goodwill […]

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RS gold making with More powerful armour released

October 24, 2013 editor 0

An alien like armour has been introduced by Jagex this week. It is called “Sirenic Armour”. This armor is a level 90 high level armor which is made from sirenic scales which are drops from monsters in the Monastery of Ascension. When wearing this armour, this will boost the Ranging skill and the Defense stats of players. This will increase the projectile abilities. The materials used here can be a good source for RS gold […]