June Events and Bonuses: Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunting

June 2, 2016 Jennie Yang 0

The Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds bring Captain Blackdagger to justice will be able to raid the Blackdagger coffers, earning them some plunder worthy of mermaid’s kiss! Among these items are the green-quality Swashbuckler Companion and Brutal Enchantments! For the duration of the event, players can also find a suped-up version of the sea-worthy Swashbuckler companion in the Swashbuckler Companion Pack available in the Zen Market. This will include a purple-quality Swashbuckler companion! Xaliana and […]

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Poll, Answer, Earn: Simple Steps to Earn Habbo Coins

May 18, 2016 admin 0

If you are looking for virtual games with interaction you can play the Habbo Hotel. You can interact with people thru chat. You can encounter people across the globe because this game has worldwide game service. You can earn habbo Coins which you can spend for buying habbo furni for your expenses in your habbo hotel room. One sure-fire way to earn coins for Habbo is to complete surveys and corporate offers through the official […]

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Sure and Safest Way to Get your Habbo Coins

April 20, 2016 admin 0

Habbo is somehow the virtual world of our self. We communicate with other people on habbo the way we usually talk. We work for our needs and we need money to live but on Habbo they don’t need food literally. They work to earn Habbo coins for permanent furniture in their Habbo Hotel Room. Below are the possible steps for earning Habbo coins for free. Players of Habbo always wanted to have many Habbo Coins; […]

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Simple Odd Ways to Earn Habbo Coins

April 13, 2016 admin 0

You can play games for Habbo Coins. There are dozens of games to be played in Habbo. Some are official Habbo creations, while others are made by the users. Some are just for fun, while others are high-stakes. The latter can be a source of coins if you’re lucky or skilled enough to win consistently, so consider trying your hand at these sorts of games as a source of coins. Earn Habbo Coins via Play […]

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Habbo Furni Board: Habbo’s Future

April 8, 2016 admin 0

It sure does look bleak, folks. Ever since Habbo increased the Habbo Club membership costs, a lot of players have been switching to retro, meaning some people are going to private servers of the old Habbo Hotel rather than the official retail Habbo. It’s a bad sign for anybody because this just means it is splitting up what already is a small community to begin with. Habbo is the type of online game that can […]

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Guild Cap Adjustment and More for Neverwinter astral diamonds Farmers!

June 18, 2015 admin 0

These new updates stabilized the community of neverwinter in PC and Xbox One. Updates that made the game more interesting and the community’s transition to the new platform of guild competition through the guild cap adjustment. The patch notes feature the classes and balance, which made the PvP mechanics even more enticing than before. And changes in the items and economy that will probably twist or may keep things interesting in the merchant’s world, it […]

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Habbo Credits Hunter’s News Digest – Safety and Bundles

June 17, 2015 admin 0

Welcome back to our weekly digest on what’s happening in Habbo Hotel. This week, players can get a badge from learning the Safety Lock feature. The Small Pool bundle is also now available for Habbo Credits. Lastly, the winners of the recently held Baby-Dino Playground Room Competition has been announced. Lock away your Habbo Credits Habbo Hotel is a hub for young players. As such, the game has always looked out for its players and […]

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Habbo Credits Collectors News – Hablar Island and Fansites

June 10, 2015 admin 0

It’s time for another weekly update for players of Habbo Hotel. This week players can go Jurassic in the game as they earn Habbo Credits. Meanwhile, internet savy Habbos have a chance to get their fansite officially recognized. Lastly, we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t lie about your age when playing the game. Going Jurassic for Habbo Credits With a familiar movie franchise releasing soon, Habbos can cater to their love for dinosaurs with the […]

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Habbo Credits Hunters Weekly News – InfoBus Sessions and BaW

May 27, 2015 admin 0

After you’ve earned Habbo Credits, the last thing you want is to get scammed. Thankfully, Habbo is having another InfoBus Session for players. Here players can learn how to safeguard their accounts. There’s also a competition to spread the word. Also this week, players are invited to try out for the Builders at Work team. Details below. Competition for Habbo Credits hunters To help Habbo Hotel players keep their account safe, the InfoBus Park Safety […]

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Habbo Credits Hunter’s Weekly News: Bunker Rooms, Medals and More

May 13, 2015 admin 0

Another week another news digest for Habbo Credits hunters. This week Habbos can join a competition to create the best underground bunker room. The winners of the previous BC Blocks Medal of Honour contest has also been announced. Lastly, its Mental Health Awareness week and Habbo staff will reward those who seek to help others. Bunker Room contest for Habbo Credits hunters Habbo players can join a new competition in order to win a Special […]