sto credits hunting in the space warps

Travel thru Warps for Easy Hunting of STO Credits

January 20, 2016 admin 0

Warp and Singularity Cores are a type of starship equipment which was added to the game with Legacy of Romulus. They determine the maximum warp speed in sector space along with the Driver coil skill and increase the available power for certain. Starfleet and Klingon Empire starships use Matter-Antimatter warp cores, while Romulan Republic and Imperial vessels use Singularity warp cores. All warp cores fall under one of four categories: Standard, Hyper Injection, Overcharged, and […]

Basic Crafting Guide for STO Credits Buyers

January 19, 2016 admin 0

Crafting is a great way to getting nice items and equipment when you’re just starting out in the game or you can acquire these equipment when you buy STO credits. The crafting system is available to players who have reached level 15. In order to craft items, however, you’ll need basic materials which may be acquired by scanning anomalies in missions, completing team missions in the PvE queue or by completing Duty Officer Assignments. Read […]

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STO Credits Hunting in Leveling and Specializations

January 13, 2016 admin 0

Captain and Bridge Officer Specializations are an addition to the skill and trait systems, a key to individualizing and specializing your character and Bridge Officers. Captain Specializations are a form of skill progression that is opened after achieving Level 50 and therefore completing the main skill tree. Starting with level 51, each level-up provides a specialization point. Spending 10 points in a specialization that is available as either Primary or Secondary unlocks the ability to […]

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Tactical Path Introduction for STO Credits Hunters

January 12, 2016 admin 0

Star Trek Online has the game feature which gives you the ability to choose a career path or also known as professions. Each career path offers certain bonuses towards specific play-styles in space and ground combat; example is the damage dealing or healing or robustness for the character roles are not very rigidly defined in Star Trek Online, and any character may fly any ship, wear any uniform, and equip almost any item; the only […]

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Tier 6 Ship: The Hestia Starship for Hunters of STO Credits

January 11, 2016 admin 0

The Game dev’s are very excited to announce the release of the Hestia Class Advanced Escort. This Tier 6 starship is based upon the original design of the Prometheus Class Multi-Vector Advanced Escort. Like other Tier 6 ships, it has been heavily upgraded to include a powerful new console effective for hunting for STO Credits, starship trait and a 2410 visual update. Items and Abilities for Hunting STO Credits The Hestia Class Advanced Escort comes […]

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Carrier Pets Deploying in Space to Hunt for STO Credits

January 6, 2016 admin 0

Carrier Pets are small, lightweight vessels that can be deployed from ships with hangar bays which can be used for hunting STO Credits; such as Carriers, Escort Carriers, and Flight-Deck Cruisers. Most are extremely agile and easily out-maneuver any playable vessels. Carrier pets may specialize in direct damage firepower support, repairing the carrier itself or weakening / disabling enemies. Due to their weak shields and hull however they are easily dispatched: although due to their […]

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Scientific Expertise to earn STO Credits with Scientist Crew Skill

January 5, 2016 admin 0

Career path is one of the game systems of Star Trek Online which offers certain bonuses towards specific play-styles in space and ground, character roles are not very rigidly defined in Star Trek Online, and any character may fly any ship, wear any uniform, and equip almost any item. Science officers are most useful in the Healer and “Buffer/Debuffer” roles, where they provide healing and buffs for allies and themselves), as well as powers that […]

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Discounted and Ships on Sale for Hunters of STO Credits

January 4, 2016 admin 0

Today from 10AM PDT on Monday, January 4th, 2016, they are having a 20% ship sale. Enjoy not just a discount on our ships, but fleet modules, dry dock slots and ship upgrade tokens as well! Have you been eyeing a new ship or ship bundle in the C-store before hunting for STO Credits? Now is the time to grab the ship you’ve always dreamt of commanding! Things to Expect on Sale Ships for Hunting […]

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STO Credits Hunting with Synergistic Ship Hunters

December 29, 2015 admin 0

By opening one of the new Herald Lock Boxes with your STO Credits hunter, players will be able to win the Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser [T6]. This ship is the workhouse of the Iconian Herald fleet. This incredibly durable starship boasts excellent shield capacity and hull strength. The Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser comes fitted with both a Lt Science/Command and Lt Commander Universal/Intel bridge officer seat, and one hangar of Herald Mir Fighters. […]

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Collecting and Exchanging Dilithium Ore for STO Credits

December 28, 2015 admin 0

When we struggle to collect STO Credits for our character we can farm for dilithium for credits. It may take time since you must grind for it to earn many dilithium. These steps might give you a hint for better production of dilithium and give you enough credits for the expense of your character.   Dilithium Ore Collecting for STO Credits In Star Trek Online, Dilithium ore is the major form of currency. Dilithium ore […]

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